All We Know Is Falling – Paramore

“All We Know” is my favorite song Paramore have ever put out for its incredible guitar grooves, Hayley Williams’ wonderful wails, and for focusing so heavily on the iv chord that it feels like a temporary resolution, creating a memorable and interesting harmonic effect. The guitar on this album is awesome, not just due to the great distortion and the original guitar production most visible on “Whoa”, but due to the great all-over-the-place chords that fit these beautiful melodies. The beautiful, original grooves of Zac Farro’s drumming are memorable on tracks like “Conspiracy” and “Franklin”, where fast, soft drumming creates interesting rock rhythms, but serve mostly to make you want to bang your head real hard. The soft harp-like picking on “Never Let This Go” works really well, but every time Paramore’s guitars get clean, they’re getting ready to go epically wild, as we see in full force on the phenomenal chorus of “Emergency”. It’s been interesting to see the wide variety of really cool things Paramore has done over the years, but I will always love this album.

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