Bound to Be Something Good – The Crystal Casino Band

Bound to Be Something Good is a really solid album, a set of surf-rock-inspired (definitely not surf rock) pop tracks with sweet-sounding high-pitched guitars and high-hats; standouts “Luck” and “Bound to Be Something Good” both use a cyclical chord progression, superb continuing rhythms, and memorable riffing to create a upbeat soundtrack for relaxation. On the rest of the album, they tend to hit their chords hard, not using excessive distortion, but focusing on pleasing sounds; the opening of “Best Bet” is the archetype of these songs, focusing hard on a I-ii-iii-ii progression with a bit of high-pitched guitar melody and then moving into charismatic lounge-style singing over those same chords. Of course, “Best Bet” then goes into a just wonderful hard and fast rhythm for the chorus with a cool (swung/non-swung?) drum track accompanied by claps. You can really hear the influence of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds on this album, but this album hasn’t been made obsolete by time, keeping us interested throughout with beautiful audible bass, really creative guitar production, and the welding of their clearly retro style with a really modern view of groove. It is an album that’s also interested in being a single cohesive work, with cinematic windups before important songs and a focus on creating a sound of different sections on the album; they close out the album with “Nevermind” and “Wrecking Ball of Change”, leaving you a moment to pause and think about what they’re putting forth here and pulling the themes of the album together into something greater, with cool horns and a really interesting mad outro. I like this album, I’d like to do more analysis of it, and I think you should listen to it!

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