Catbamboo – Catbamboo

Until this band puts out an album, I am forced to recommend this here; I’d actually say you should get into this band with their recent singles, “Swindle” and “Crave”, which boast awesome bright riffing and fantastically complex rhythmic work. Still, this is a great (generally instrumental) EP, with guitar that reminds me of TTNG and really fun drum riffs. This band is quite prog, and it shows in their jazz-inspired chords, the really well-done time changes on every song on the album, and the extremely busy melodies played by their guitarist. The waltz time rap in the second half of “Snickle Fritz” is even better than Jay-Z’s “My First Song” (the gold standard for waltz rap) and it’s really nice to hear this kind of intense rock rap over such chill math rock-inspired guitars throughout the song. “Lighter Than Air” starts out great, with fast major riffing that makes you want to dance and smile, but it gets even better when it turns to weird rhythms and darker chords to convey that same sense of playfulness in the middle of the song. I don’t know how to describe the drums except to say that I really like the tones they’re using on them; you wouldn’t think that these kinds of cymbals would work so well with patterns like these, but they do. I almost always say a 3/4, 3/4, 2/4 pattern is just 4/4 with different subdivisions, but “Throw in the Towel” makes clear where the measures are when it hits those at the beginning, and it only gets more fun to listen to from there with its bouncy guitar hits and the way the melody interacts with them. It’s a really fun album, and you should take care to listen closely for the changes; even if you SOMEHOW don’t like the first few measures of “Parallels”, the next few will be something different. It’s also great to have music I like that’s unapologetically major the whole way through.

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