Discovery – Daft Punk

Full disclosure: at the time I’m writing this, I’ve been listening to “Aerodynamic” (or one of its excellent remixes) multiple times per day for the last couple weeks. The main riff with that swung sixteenth-note is the exact reason we have syncopation, the i-vidim-iv-VII progression is really really cool, and the harmonic breakdown riff is so perfect. Of course, “Digital Love” is the song on this album that makes me feel the happiest, with that joyous, cute sampled riff, and then that beautiful analog instrument solo around 3:38 that just goes all over the place. The song on this album you’re most likely to know is “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, the extreme bop based on the best example of development of a motif there ever was; I personally love that song for the truly amazing vocal solo with the unique rhythms and the beautiful Dorian/Aeolian mode mixture in the melody. (If you like that solo, check out the bass work on “Short Circuit”!) After that, of course, is “Crescendolls”, which astounds with its beautiful groove; it constantly feels like so much is happening in that bar of music. This album is full of really active grooves and on point harmonic developments (Daft Punk likes those VIIb-i resolutions, and so do I). Some of my favorite points on this album are when the band gets melancholic, like on the funk-influenced “Something About Us” and the disco-influenced (more than usual, I mean) “Voyager”; “Voyager” interests me because its devious chord changes never seem like major changes, possibly moving around pedal points. (The harp breakdown is also really cool.) I really think you should check out this album, I really like it, and I think it’s a paragon of rhythm.

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