Dopesmoker – Sleep

This one’s absolutely insane, and it’s not for everyone. This 2003 album is one hour-long slow heavy metal song; “Holy Mountain” is included on the latest release (which I’ve heard is the best release) but it’s not really part of it. I honestly thought people were using hyperbole when talking about doom metal, but, yeah, it really is this slow, and this is the masterwork of an album to get you into it. They do change it up a little around two-thirds of the way through the song, and it works well, but we’re really here for those long buzzing notes with the classic metal harmony (though really, there’s like one note in the vast majority of the song) and the drive all the way up. Often they’ll just pluck and let you sit and relax in the sound of that guitar, and often they’ll create a pushing rhythm with those awesome cymbals. Imagine if weed were a religion, and contemplate what that religion would ask of its most devout followers; imagine their long, arduous pilgrimages, their insane, measured chanting, and the great complex theologies and mythologies which would develop. This album is a sort of mass, but not recognizably so. If you read the lyrics, describing the procession of “Weedians” towards Nazareth, they sound silly, but, by God, they sell every word. This album does not vary a lot, but if you get in the right mood, just allow yourself to sink into it and you’ll be fine. Don’t stop in the middle of it. I have been in contact with several weed users to ask them about how it feels to listen to this while high; I may update you on this.

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