Hi! I have a lot of albums I love, and I’ve been writing reviews of them in my free time, just as something to do for fun. I figured I would post them on the internet so that people who are into music can learn about them and check them out. This blog will update whenever I feel like it. It’s really fun for me to just sit down and listen to a long work all the way through, and I hope you try it too. Just a heads-up: I’m very into rock music, so there’ll be a lot of that, but I’ve tried to get a good balance‒ you’ll find Hans Zimmer, Hobo Johnson, and The Glitch Mob among these reviews. You can find a playlist of the songs I like best from each album here. I do try to talk about the theory behind these songs, though not from a classical standpoint; I’ll be discussing interesting chords, key changes, mode mixture, rhythmic subdivisions, and other stuff that is outside the bounds of normal pop music. Really, if you see roman numerals or fractions and you don’t know what they mean, either skip over them or just listen to the song to find out. A couple more rules:

  • There are spoilers in these recommendations! It can sometimes be better to go into an album blind, but these posts are intended to discuss the albums in detail. My The Dark Side of the Moon review spoils some of the changes, for instance. If you want recommendations that don’t spoil anything, my advice is to ask a friend who knows your music taste.
  • The top recommendations on the right are albums I think everyone in the world should check out, albums to which I implore you to listen. It is a slightly different set than my favorites- for instance, the top recommendations don’t include Sleep’s Dopesmoker because it’s not for everyone. I would put it on there, but it’s just not for everyone.
  • When I have recommended two or more albums from the same band, it is because I am recommending them for different reasons. Slash’s self-titled album, World on Fire, blurryface, From Under the Cork Tree, Vices and Virtues, and The Man Who Sold The World aren’t yet on the list despite that I love every single song on each of those albums. If you like these albums, you should look at some of the other stuff these bands have done; Patrick Stump’s “Explode”, The Cab’s “One Of THOSE Nights”, and Velvet Revolver’s “She Builds Quick Machines” are wonderful songs despite not belonging on this list.
  • The comparative length of these reviews is no indication of how I feel about these albums. The reason my review of Palaye Royale’s The Bastards goes over practically every song on the album is because I wrote it while listening to the album for the first time and just being astounded again and again. Meanwhile, Slash’s Apocalyptic Love is an album I’ve been constantly listening to for five years and could be the album I take with me to a desert island, and it has a significantly shorter review because, in this case, it’s just harder to talk about.
  • I’m almost certainly not going to review the Beatles because everyone has already been recommended the Beatles. If you haven’t checked out the Beatles, you’re not going to check out the Beatles.
  • So that they are more accessible, I don’t use swear words in these recommendations.  I’m not going to remove them from song titles or song quotes or, unrelated, from my own songs.

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