Let the Vultures In + Martyr Parade – Des Rocs

I’m reviewing these two EPs together because I don’t know which one to review, they’re clearly meant to go together, and they could easily be a single album. “Let Me Live / Let Me Die” and “Used to the Darkness” showcase the two extremes of this album, a bombastic sometimes-swing track that feels like a cross between latter-day Metallica and Hozier and a Florence and the Machine-type track with a modern synthpop groove and a held-together chorus. The rest of these tracks don’t disappoint either, solidifying this band as the owner of electronic metal blues; “Maybe, I” is a phenomenally soulful track where the music fits in around the spirit of the song rather than the other way around, wrangling the tempo in an exceptionally entertaining way. It feels like this album has a musical philosophy, putting its specific type of incredible energy before anything else on “SLO” and slurring the wonderful vocals hard on “Dead Ringer”. They just put so much of themselves into each song, not just on their more unhinged tracks, but on the uncharacteristically hinged “Outta My Mind”, a song that catches your ear by opening with one of the greatest riffs ever written and creates a blissful rhythm with perfectly-timed guitar hits in the chorus and really fun 80’s synths. Don’t worry- they immediately return to insanity on “Give Me The Night” a speed-swing track with a very memorable incomprehensible couple measures in the middle and really cool piano. All the way to the boastful, hard-hitting 9/8 masterpiece “Living Proof”, this is an awesome achievement of an album, on which every song is a high point.

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