Love Death Immortality – The Glitch Mob

You may know the Glitch Mob from their incredible original songs “Fortune Days”, “We Can Make the World Stop”, and “Animus Vox”; their collaboration with Ramin Djawadi on the television show Person of Interest; or their epic remix of “Seven Nation Army”. I’m here to tell you today that you should know their more fast-paced, action-packed album Love Death Immortality. Right of the gate, it hits you with “Mind of a Beast”, a classic EDM opening song full of hard-hitting chords you could just get lost in, but full of complex fast drum patterns that’ll amp you right up. Then of course you have “Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman)”, with a hook that manages to expel both emotion and determination at a truly incredible rate, a drop with just the most beautiful melodies, and that same level of rhythmic complexity. I might joke that the drums are almost always playing fills, but that’s really because the percussion feels like a voice on its own; you can feel the effort put into every measure. There’s an interesting, difficult-to-understand kind of syncopation surrounding the very hard on-beat hits on this album, especially in those first two songs, “Can’t Kill Us” and “Skytoucher”. (“Skytoucher” has this incredible fast drum part that I could gush about for hours.) You can also feel the spark of life in the synths- it’s all over this beautifully expressive album. There’s definitely a very specific harmonic vocabulary associated with this group- specifically, they use Aeolian (natural minor) almost exclusively and love to hang on the tension created by the VIb and iv chords. Then they break out of it with the absolutely mind-blowing chorus of the aptly titled “Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother)”, where the hard metallic synths just close in around you as the immortal singer commands you to “Become”; it feels like you do become harmonious as the Glitch Mob goes into major with what I think is a vi chord. I love it. This is still a Glitch Mob-style ambientish electronic album, with long periods where you can hone in on their classic brand of harmony, but there are points, such as the entire song “I Need My Memory Back (feat. Aja Volkman)”, where this album oozes rock, hitting that i chord hard with grating intensity, using instruments with the kind of spirit that means they were definitely played by a real person, and forcing the on-beats to go to war with each other. The album closer is the absolutely incredible “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart (feat. Sister Crayon)”, which is my personal favorite use of harp ever; it builds such incredible tension and then, in the engrossing, hard breakdown, hits you with a synth that has to be a callback to the start of the album. It’s just such a great album.

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