Moonflower – MixAndMash

You probably only know one song on this album, their extremely good cover of Jack Stauber’s “Buttercup”. Well, guess what, the whole thing’s amazing, from the moment the cymbal comes in on “Dead Weight” to the isolated royal harlequin vibes of “Cascade”. (I don’t know which songs on this album are covers.) Along with “Cascade”, the percussion on “Ashes to Ashes” stands out for so clearly making these mostly chiptune beats feel like modern EDM tracks. The album goes from lighter to more serious over the course of its thirteen tracks, genuinely feeling like the soundtrack to a progressing story, but at no point do any of the songs feel out of place. Moonflower is such a good title and it so perfectly encapsulates the mood of the album; I was going to call the mood “sad joy” but that doesn’t really fit. “Making Contact” is a standout for extrapolating itself in such a deep way and “Lose Your Mind” makes me so happy with such intensely minor chords. Really, watch how the percussion changes over the course of each track, and I’m not just talking about the time changes on “Hamantha” and “Buttercup”. The way the intro to “Summer Boys*” draws attention to the rhythm will make you think and the speedy waltz of “Scurvy Shuffle” will make you dance. Listen to this album, not just the most well-known track, and then check out some of MixAndMash’s other work.

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