Piano – EP – Yvette Young

A lot of people get mad when you call an EP made in 2019 classical, so it’s nice to be able to call an album of piano and violin something: piano math rock. I’m not going to get into any of the changing time signatures, as the constant rhythmic innovations of these beautiful compositions are best heard for themselves; I really recommend sitting down and concentrating on what Yvette Young, frontwoman of the band Covet, is doing on each one of these tracks. I will mention that she changes the tempo and volume at which she plays during these tracks to great effect, for example, slowing down to end “Reminisce” in a way that is as fitting as it is sudden. (I know this is ubiquitous in classical performance, but the way she does it throughout each of these tracks is exceptional.) The melodies on these tracks also develop really well and don’t feel repetitive despite being rehashed throughout each track. Generally, these songs stick to your basic major/minor keys and don’t leave their scale, but the seven chords we have to work with in the major scale are enough for this artist to create transcendent masterpieces.

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