Back from the Dead – Adler

Steven Adler is best known for drumming on Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, but it’s important we don’t forget the awesome melodies of this underappreciated 2012 album; “Back from the Dead” and “Another Version of the Truth” are exceptional jams that clearly keep the great groove of Appetite but have completely different (and, by the way, awesome) guitar work, reminiscent of Skid Row. “Own Worst Enemy” and “The One That You Hated” have more of a pop sensibility, but the hard guitar on these midtempo tracks keeps them exciting; I can’t help but love “The One That You Hated”, a beautiful major song that revels in both its amazing instrumentation and its similarity to Taylor Swift. There’s a lot to love on this album, from the intensely technical solos on “Just Don’t Ask” and “Dead Wrong” to the anthemic swing choruses of “Blown Away” and “Your Diamonds”. This album has an awesome energy, and you should definitely check it out; Adler actually broke up due to low concert attendance, so maybe if enough people start listening to them, they’ll get back together!

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