What Separates Me From You – A Day To Remember

This album is fun more than anything. The obvious standout is “All I Want”, with those hip-hop lyrics and that awesome groove in the vocals, drums, audible bass, and guitar; it’s a punk rock classic from the drum fills to the vocal harmonies, and they do some really interesting stuff. (I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with the pre-chorus guitar.) I also really enjoyed “If I Leave”, with those same cool grooves, unapologetically bright major chords, and a strangely tense pre-chorus. “This Is The House That Doubt Built” is another standout not simply for being in waltz but for the anthemic lyrics with vocal harmonies and the hard-hitting guitar. The vocals on this album are great, with some super intense screaming (especially on “You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic”, which I didn’t think would have metal screams) and melodic singing that keeps intensity and serves to bring in the listener; the lyrics are relatable too. The guitar is great, generally serving to carry the chords and rhythm, but the guitarist clearly puts so much work into it, throwing in arpeggios, staccato grooves, and fun little power chord riffs all over the place. This album is quite good and it’s worth a listen, even if not every song piques your interest.

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