All Hallows EP – AFI

Yes, this EP is only four songs, but it’s so much fun. AFI’s a great band, and they’re experts in using harmony to create a velvety, intriguing sound that can be heard on “Girl’s Not Grey”, “Love Like Winter”, and “Snow Cats”, but this is not that, nor is it any of the well-produced speed rock they’ve released as “Medicate” and “Aurelia”. This is old, weird emo punk made by men wearing leather and it is exceptional. The instrumental sections might make you wonder “Why is this here? What is this nonsense?”, but I love them, and the quick power chords and vocal riffs of “Halloween” and “Totalimmortal” are definitely worth it. “Totalimmortal” is the best song on the album and is one of the few songs of its kind which has truly stood the test of time; this is the best use of the bass I have ever heard and it sounds sick as hell and totally fitting despite that it’s Seinfeld-style pop & slap bass. The sound of the EP, especially on “Fall Children” and “The Boy Who Destroyed the World”, is the paragon of genuinely creepy harmony and actually sells Halloween as something to be afraid of; a lot of metal bands could learn a lot from what they’re doing here. It’s 13 minutes, go listen to it.

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