Post Mortem – Black Tide

This album is one of those albums where I can just gush and gush over so many of the songs. “Fight ‘Til The Bitter End” is chill and it’s metal and is uncompromising on both of those fronts; the chorus has such a wonderfully relaxing groove and I love it. “Ashes” is a brilliant use of waltz time and you wouldn’t even notice because it has such great metal grooves. “That Fire” uses an acoustic guitar to create a rhythm that is instantly memorable in the first five seconds. “Bury Me” is the best song ever written in which the singer urges the listener to kill them, and that’s a high bar to clear; you never know where “Bury Me” is going to go, and it finds its way to a beautifully executed 5/4 interlude. “Take It Easy” has this bouncy little guitar pattern and it, like a good chunk of songs on the album, is about trying to stay sane and mentally healthy. From the opening to “Lost in the Sound” (which actually comes back in the chorus) to the soloing that makes “Walking Dead Man” what it is, this album is a masterpiece. It creates a specific sound by keeping its harmonic palette low, and the specific palette it uses is so beautiful that the album works with it. The guitar tones that you’ll hear throughout this whole album just make me so happy, and I love the mood communicated by the lyrics and sounds. These 17-year-olds are so damn good at metal, and, by the way, some of the singles have Spanish versions. This is a classic of heavy metal and you need to hear it.

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