Dookie – Green Day

Oh yeah! Punk rock’s never had such incredibly catchy grooves as in this huge 90s hit. Their rhythms are as complex as they are natural, and their chords are fun sonified. That D-A-B-G progression on “Having a Blast” is just wonderful, and the syncopated constant guitar hits just fall perfectly. The drums on this album keep the pace energetic and the arrangement rowdy. Sometimes I just sit back and focus on the cymbal hits every so often- I love them! The solo on “Chump” where those chords just keep coming before the tempo change into “Longview” is made legendary with a fast, hyper marching drum beat. And then, of course, the crown jewel of the entire album, “Welcome to Paradise”, with those Clash-style major chords eschewing the mode and the absolutely beautiful three-chord riff; Tre’s fills on this one are absolutely legendary. My personal favorite is “Pulling Teeth” due to the trance-like feeling created by its ethereal harmonic chords; somehow it reminds me of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy”. It’s just a beautiful thing, this album; it’s clear why when they focus in hard on one instrument (for instance, the simple two-scale bass riff in “Longview” or the bridge where Tre starts playing thirty-second notes in “Emenius Sleepus”): every section of this band is so perfect throughout this album that the work they put out together becomes practically holy. I’m using a lot of words that mean “good” here because I really don’t know how to talk about groove; I know the word “syncopated” applies pretty often, and syncopation is the source of the beauty of “Burnout”, but it’s hard to explain why the constant eighth-notes of “Basket Case” amp me up so much. Regardless, they do, and the counterpoint between the drums and guitar creates a groove that’s as infectious as it is memorable.

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