Save Rock and Roll – Fall Out Boy

I always think of this as a rock opera because I first experienced this album by watching The Young Blood Chronicles (their hour-long music video for every song on the album), and that’s actually my recommendation of how to experience Save Rock and Roll, because it’s cool. That’s not really what I’m here to talk about, but, trust me, you’re going to want to watch every bit of it, from 2 Chainz burning Fall Out Boy’s merch to Elton John as himself getting slimed with blood. The album has commentary on Spotify and VH1 got them to do a commentary on the video, so that’s always a plus. The songs on the album are magnificent and hold personal emotional meanings for most people my age; whether you got over a breakup with the powerful melody of “Miss Missing You” or dealt with growing up using “Where Did the Party Go”, this, like From Under the Cork Tree, is the album of a generation. Andy Hurley is, as always, exceptional, from his beautiful beat behind “Alone Together” to the percussion part that defines “Save Rock and Roll”. (I’m just gonna assume Andy wrote the percussion.) The guitars also shine on “Rat a Tat”, a blisteringly catchy punk track, and “The Mighty Fall”, Fall Out Boy’s foray into aggressive hip hop featuring Big Sean; this is especially cool because Patrick Stump, one of the band’s guitarists, only has one hand. Stump’s vocals and Pete Wentz’s lyrics also shine, from the “No!” in “Save Rock and Roll” to “Are you ready for another bad poem?!” on “Rat a Tat”. My favorite track on the album is the uptempo pop rock track “Death Valley”, which opens with one of the catchiest riffs ever written. This is an incredible album with the power to “make boys next door out of assholes” and I have sung every song on it from memory.

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