A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out – Panic! at the Disco [cw: sexual assault]

This isn’t going to be a typical post, where I talk about something I love. When I originally wrote this, I just wanted to drone on about how I feel about this album. I spent a good bit of time in a Panic! at the Disco phase, and I have an encyclopedic knowledge and sincere attachment to the band’s work. Looking at the slew of allegations against Brendan Urie, I am disgusted and aghast. Fuck him. It’s so obviously true. There is undeniable video evidence of him stepping up onstage and promising to rape his fans. Like the worship they bestowed him was not enough. With other problematic albums I’ve reviewed, I’ve been content to simply point out the problematic person involved and move on. Fall Out Boy’s PAX AM Days was produced by Ryan Adams, and I simply pointed out that he was a piece of trash, who sexually harasses women. I still like Fall Out Boy, and nothing will stop me from taking inspiration from this beautiful work of art; what can I do other than say the truth and move on? In Damn Yankees, Ted Nugent is a rapist, but there are other people in that band. I sincerely doubt that I can make any difference beyond saying that fact, and I still think that Damn Yankees’ music is worth it to take inspiration from. Not this. Brendon Urie is the center of that band, the only current member. The others have all left, and he’s the one making money off of it now. The hero worship of droves of young music lovers is the reason why he has the power he does, and I cannot contribute to it with my compliments. This small-time WordPress blog can sit on the sidelines regarding exalted conservatives like Ted Nugent, whose fans use other platforms and will not be impacted here. Yet Brendon Urie’s power first grew on these small nooks within the internet, on WordPress blogs and Tumblr posts. This is the platform where we need to strike him down. As a pansexual, I will mourn the loss of representation, but, of course, he was so late to the table that others have supplanted his spot. I hope his human rights organization does well, and that he goes to jail until he fucking dies.

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