Demos from Safety EP – Jack Lavin

My EP is out! You can check it out here. I’m very proud of the work I’ve put together, so please give it a listen if you like my taste in music. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about some of the albums which inspired me as I was making this; to my knowledge, I have committed no plagiarism, but music builds on other music. Right now, I’m just going to post some of the materials I put together to record these songs and understand the music I wrote. If you want to record a cover of any of these songs, please contact me first.

I put together this chord sheet, which fits in a single screen, so that it’d be easy for me to record The Difference. It’s hard for me to keep track of my own lyrics sometimes, especially with a song I had just written a couple months ago when I started recording. After the second chorus, it shifts from B minor into G major, then moves to the key of D and then A major.
I went ahead and notated the solo from the acoustic demo of The Difference just to figure out what exactly I had done. I’m quite pleased with the way it sounds, though I’m not going to try to replicate it for the solo in the final version; I just like each solo I make to be improvised on its own. (This solo was composed of several improvised takes chopped up and put together.) At no point during the creation of this solo did I realize that I had inserted a key change; my goal had been to move between soloing in A major and the chromatic scale.
This song’s lyrics were never going to fit in a single screen, but moving the lyrics from Notepad to Paint still made it easier to record. I strayed from this sheet during the recording of this song, omitting the vocals in the rise from the second part to the third part, adding friendlier notes to that third part, and just generally treating everything as a guideline closer to the end. The tempo changes in this song are not notated; generally, I just feel my way through them.
I put together this lead sheet of Immortality for a weekly Zoom jam session at my university during quarantine; not sure why I included the solo tab, as I didn’t expect anyone to actually follow it, but it does serve as a good guideline. (The jam session performance of this one went well; someone brought in a saxophone which sounded incredible on this song.) In recording the solo, I planned out the chords, and I knew I wanted to do mode mixture with brighter scales, but that was it; after improvising the solo above, I copied the solo and pitch-shifted it to make chords. The lyrics of this song don’t make a ton of sense, but it’s just a demo.
The chords to Concrete. Unlike Immortality, where some of the lyrics are nonsensical for no good reason, I can explain each of these lyrics… but not right now. I am especially proud of the second shift from G major to A major, revolving around a passage that isn’t really definitively in either key. Note the complete absence of notation for the ending; though I had planned for there to be a cacophonous ending similar to MCR’s “The End”, I didn’t (and still don’t) know how that should look.
The chords to The Locrian Song, taken from a screenshot of the text file with pretty much all my songs in it. The song actually began in MuseScore, where I transcribed the riff from my guitar, added some hard E diminished chords, and figured out that I needed to shift up to G Dorian for the chorus; I then wrote the lyrics in a notebook during an absolutely horrible class, and copied them here. Hopefully, I’ll be able to record a version of this with good production and a real solo at some point.

With the PDF sheet music to Great House of the Captive Lovers, that just about covers the album. (WordPress wouldn’t let me upload the MIDI file, but contact me if you want it, or if you’d like some stems for a remix or something.)

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