Battle Cry – Jagged Row

When I first put together the beginning of “The Locrian Song”, I had the riff, and I said to myself, I should see how this sounds as part of a rock song. My first thought was to take a guitar pattern I thought of as endemic to rock and play it under the riff. In my mind, that idea of rock, and I think that guitar pattern, comes from here. The influence was conscious, and real.

Jagged Row was a band of high schoolers that is not well-known; I discovered them when I was in high school, during a phase in which I was listening to a lot of rock covers of pop songs and stumbled onto one of theirs. From the outset, Battle Cry is an incredible EP; those fast, hard-hitting guitar lines and those anthemic vocals are a killer combination. With this confident, witchy vocalist, there are single notes which constitute a journey within themselves, and she’s always bringing you along with the emotion in her voice. Of course, their melodies are always vibrant and compelling, like in the spectacular chorus to “Farewell”, or in the riffs throughout the entire album. “Jekyll & Hyde” is the standout for its infectious riff and for expertly switching between swing vocals and eighth-note jamming; from the djent-inspired bridge section to the fantastic vocal harmonies to the V chord-focused solo to the genuine fear endemic within it, this song is just so beautiful. Just give it a try; from the moment you hear “Locked n Loaded”, you should be hooked.

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