Weezer – Weezer

This is a really great album, and I personally have a strong relationship with this album that I don’t have with any other. It’s full of beautiful guitar work that fits so well with the tonality of Rivers Cuomo’s mellow vocals. Weezer likes to go off of pop harmonies with nice turns, for example, using a V# note to create interest, but their strongest work is when they go hard on the harmonies with powerful chords that force you into them. Their arpeggios create a real bubbly feeling, even in hard, serious songs, and it works like a charm. They improve hard on the 80s rock they use as their base with excellent grounded grooves from their drummer Patrick Wilson- it’s the kind of album where you’ll find yourself bobbing your head the entire time. I recommend this album highly because I can’t stop singing along to every one of its ten tracks; it’s a shame Weezer has never done anything else to rival this single album.

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