Seven Hundred Acres and Seventy Square Feet – Jack Lavin

If you’ve enjoyed this blog so far, if you’ve been turned on to stuff you’ve enjoyed, I have a recommendation for you that’s more important to me than any of these. It’s thirteen tracks, it’s from the heart, and it’s full of music I’m very happy with. I promise you it’s good, especially “Sell Out” and “University”, two new tracks near the end of the album. This album is mine, and I’m going to be streaming an acoustic performance of the album over Twitch on 3/30/2022 at 6 pm. Here’s the link to my Twitch, where you’ll be able to view it. Again, that’s 3/30/2022 at 6 pm. I’ll be playing for about an hour, and there’ll be several breaks for me to tune my guitar and answer questions and comments. The album is about my upbringing and my time at boarding school, and it’s called Seven Hundred Acres and Seventy Square Feet. It gets a bit dark, and discusses some of the worst moments of my life, but I think it’s also quite uplifting and fun. You’re gonna love it! (I’ll release a normal review on Wednesday.)

Below are the lyrics and chords, so that you can follow along. They’re a bit messy, but my goal in creating them was to quickly slap something together that will fit on one page so I can easily read off of them while playing. Please contact me first if you’re interested in putting together a cover; I’m fairly easy to reach, and I’ll definitely respond if you, for instance, comment on this post about it.

Prologue: Anarchissistic

Track 1: Concrete

There’s supposed to be a sort of cacophonous chanting ending after that last chorus, but it doesn’t make sense to notate that, especially since I can barely replicate that on acoustic.

Track 2: Total Love and a Lack of Comprehension (Fifteen)

Track 3: Deconstruction of a Soul

Track 4: Missing the Goal

Track 5: Farewell

Track 6: Great House of the Captive Lovers

Track 7: I’m One with the Possibility of Death (CW: suicidal thoughts)

Vaquero’s Interlude

Track 8: Fair Game

Track 9: Extraction (CW: medical horror)

Track 10: Sell Out

I improvised this entire thing and transcribed it so that I could do it again. Thought about changing some of the more simplistic lyrics, but they were actually better as less simplistic lyrics.

Track 11: University

I’ve been working on this song FOR FIVE YEARS

Epilogue: The Difference

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