Discovery – Daft Punk

Full disclosure: at the time I’m writing this, I’ve been listening to “Aerodynamic” (or one of its excellent remixes) multiple times per day for the last couple weeks. The main riff with that swung sixteenth-note is the exact reason we have syncopation, the i-vidim-iv-VII progression is really really cool, and the harmonic breakdown riff isContinue reading “Discovery – Daft Punk”

Let the Vultures In + Martyr Parade – Des Rocs

I’m reviewing these two EPs together because I don’t know which one to review, they’re clearly meant to go together, and they could easily be a single album. “Let Me Live / Let Me Die” and “Used to the Darkness” showcase the two extremes of this album, a bombastic sometimes-swing track that feels like aContinue reading “Let the Vultures In + Martyr Parade – Des Rocs”

From the Fires – Greta Van Fleet

What a lovely album! You’ve gotta love the way those slow, purposeful riffs get under your skin in “Edge of Darkness”, and the switch to Mixolydian is a nice touch. Though the music certainly isn’t as complex as their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet has a unique knack for developing riffs beautifully and creatingContinue reading “From the Fires – Greta Van Fleet”

Chinese Democracy – Guns N’ Roses

I love this album. Unfortunately, its reputation has been poisoned by fans expecting another Appetite for Destruction to bring glam rock back; that said, the music really is quite out there. Honestly, I can usually tell what kind of a place I’m in by what kind of music I’m listening to, and if I’m listeningContinue reading “Chinese Democracy – Guns N’ Roses”

And Grace Will Lead Me Home – Mark Kroos

If you liked Disasterpeace’s Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar, you should check out these instrumental bluegrass-influenced clean guitar tracks. I first discovered Mark Kroos’ work in video form; he plays two guitar necks at once using tapping, and it’s really cool to watch. (Check out his playthrough of “Smoke & Mirrors” here.) His musical compositionsContinue reading “And Grace Will Lead Me Home – Mark Kroos”

Moonflower – MixAndMash

You probably only know one song on this album, their extremely good cover of Jack Stauber’s “Buttercup”. Well, guess what, the whole thing’s amazing, from the moment the cymbal comes in on “Dead Weight” to the isolated royal harlequin vibes of “Cascade”. (I don’t know which songs on this album are covers.) Along with “Cascade”,Continue reading “Moonflower – MixAndMash”