XPeriments from Dark Phoenix – Hans Zimmer

You’ve heard Hans Zimmer in movies, creating the soundtrack to epic stories, but, on this album, he lets loose and writes a love letter to music itself. They could never put these songs in a superhero film for obvious reasons and I’m okay with that; this work is innovative, wacky, pretentious, and attention-grabbing. At times,Continue reading “XPeriments from Dark Phoenix – Hans Zimmer”

Love Death Immortality – The Glitch Mob

You may know the Glitch Mob from their incredible original songs “Fortune Days”, “We Can Make the World Stop”, and “Animus Vox”; their collaboration with Ramin Djawadi on the television show Person of Interest; or their epic remix of “Seven Nation Army”. I’m here to tell you today that you should know their more fast-paced,Continue reading “Love Death Immortality – The Glitch Mob”

Discovery – Daft Punk

Full disclosure: at the time I’m writing this, I’ve been listening to “Aerodynamic” (or one of its excellent remixes) multiple times per day for the last couple weeks. The main riff with that swung sixteenth-note is the exact reason we have syncopation, the i-vidim-iv-VII progression is really really cool, and the harmonic breakdown riff isContinue reading “Discovery – Daft Punk”

Moonflower – MixAndMash

You probably only know one song on this album, their extremely good cover of Jack Stauber’s “Buttercup”. Well, guess what, the whole thing’s amazing, from the moment the cymbal comes in on “Dead Weight” to the isolated royal harlequin vibes of “Cascade”. (I don’t know which songs on this album are covers.) Along with “Cascade”,Continue reading “Moonflower – MixAndMash”