What’s Happened to Soho EP – The Correspondents

I guarantee you this will not be the last time I review The Correspondents, one of my all-time favorite bands, but this album is them at their most oblique and least harmonically functional. There’s no song as wild as the title track, with its chromatic chords, creepy and playful vocals, and absolutely filthy bass; it’sContinue reading “What’s Happened to Soho EP – The Correspondents”

Pastel Blues – Nina Simone

Nina Simone is a master and this is an incredible album. It may be an album of covers, but these are the primary versions of these songs. Her singing is incredible and I don’t understand how she does things with her voice that not any other artist could pull off; I wouldn’t say it’s “perfect”Continue reading “Pastel Blues – Nina Simone”