‘Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe) – Lizzo

Lizzo’s second album is incredible. That was never up for debate. It’s some of the best modern pop you’ll ever hear, immediately calling listeners to attention with the beautiful grooves and vocal harmonies of “Like a Girl”, but, from “Crybaby” on, the album takes a sharp left turn and goes full Prince (but better). IContinue reading “‘Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe) – Lizzo”

Scaled and Icy – Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots has been busy since my last review! I’ve still got to figure out whether to review Trench, which continued and improved on the techniques of blurryface and Vessel, but I know I want to talk about this one. Scaled and Icy represents a completely fresh start for Twenty One Pilots after TylerContinue reading “Scaled and Icy – Twenty One Pilots”

Weezer – Weezer

This is a really great album, and I personally have a strong relationship with this album that I don’t have with any other. It’s full of beautiful guitar work that fits so well with the tonality of Rivers Cuomo’s mellow vocals. Weezer likes to go off of pop harmonies with nice turns, for example, usingContinue reading “Weezer – Weezer”

Evolve – Imagine Dragons

When I wrote “Great House of the Captive Lovers” (original title: “Mythos”) in high school, I didn’t know exactly what triplet time was. I just had a song idea, and I knew there was a place I wanted to go with it. AWOLNATION’s “Sail”, Imagine Dragons’ “Believer”, and later Bishop Briggs’ “River” occupy a specificContinue reading “Evolve – Imagine Dragons”

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends – Coldplay

As part of the promotion for my new EP, Demos from Safety, I’m posting reviews of some of the works which inspired each song on the album. My song “Immortality” opens on the chord progression to “Violet Hill”, something that wasn’t intentional but definitely makes sense; the main thrust of the song, a lament after allContinue reading “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends – Coldplay”

Replay – The Outfield

I love this album. Just listen to the first little bit of “Aladdin’s Cave” and you’ll be hooked in for more. (The time changes on that song are also cool.) The Outfield’s absolutely insane lead vocal harmonies are just as alluring as they were when this band recorded “Your Love”, and the harmonizing background vocalsContinue reading “Replay – The Outfield”