Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace – The Offspring

The Offspring have had a long and legendary career— if you’ve never listened to them before, I recommend you first check out “Divide By Zero” and “Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell” (they’re meant to be played sequentially). Of course, I’m recommending this album because it is by farContinue reading “Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace – The Offspring”

Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me!

You probably know this band from their transcendent jam “Thrash Unreal”, but when their singer Laura Jane Grace came out as trans in 2012, Against Me! accompanied it with the greatest traditional pop punk album of all time. This concept album hits hard with heavy distortion on bright, major-key guitars and even rougher textures onContinue reading “Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me!”

The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

As part of the promotion for my new EP, Demos from Safety, I’m posting reviews of some of the works which inspired each song on the album. I didn’t know that you could end a song by just smashing everything together into a multifaceted waltz-time cacophony until I heard MCR’s “The End.” That’s the wayContinue reading “The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance”

PAX AM Days EP – Fall Out Boy

This EP is only 13 minutes, so, thusly, I can declare the whole of it to be my favorite Fall Out Boy song. Seriously, all eight songs on this EP are relentless bops reminiscent of a long-past golden age in punk music. You can clearly tell that these songs (with an average length of aContinue reading “PAX AM Days EP – Fall Out Boy”

American Idiot – Green Day

You’ve heard a lot of this album, but you probably haven’t heard the awesome jam that is “Letterbomb” or dissected “Homecoming” down to specific notes. Yes, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is great, but this album really shines where it eschews the four-chord progression and just plays some loud chords, finds something else to do, andContinue reading “American Idiot – Green Day”

All Hallows EP – AFI

Yes, this EP is only four songs, but it’s so much fun. AFI’s a great band, and they’re experts in using harmony to create a velvety, intriguing sound that can be heard on “Girl’s Not Grey”, “Love Like Winter”, and “Snow Cats”, but this is not that, nor is it any of the well-produced speedContinue reading “All Hallows EP – AFI”

What Separates Me From You – A Day To Remember

This album is fun more than anything. The obvious standout is “All I Want”, with those hip-hop lyrics and that awesome groove in the vocals, drums, audible bass, and guitar; it’s a punk rock classic from the drum fills to the vocal harmonies, and they do some really interesting stuff. (I’m still trying to figureContinue reading “What Separates Me From You – A Day To Remember”

The Bastards – Palaye Royale

I’m honestly surprised to be putting this album on the list; at first glance, it’s a continuation of Boom Boom Room (which, by the way, was incredible, and you should hear “Mr. Doctor Man”) that’s a lot more subdued, but there’s a lot more depth to it than that, and it’s definitely full of bangers.Continue reading “The Bastards – Palaye Royale”

All We Know Is Falling – Paramore

“All We Know” is my favorite song Paramore have ever put out for its incredible guitar grooves, Hayley Williams’ wonderful wails, and for focusing so heavily on the iv chord that it feels like a temporary resolution, creating a memorable and interesting harmonic effect. The guitar on this album is awesome, not just due toContinue reading “All We Know Is Falling – Paramore”